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LyX customized reference list

This can be used for APA style references in LyX of not want to use the bib file.

The following procedure can be used to create a list of references for your own style.

  1. Add a layout in Document – Settings – Local Layout with the following
        Style List
    Margin                Static
    LatexType             Item_Environment
    LatexName             reflist
    NextNoIndent          1
    LeftMargin            MMN
    LabelSep              xx
    ItemSep               0.2
    TopSep                0.7
    BottomSep             0.7
    ParSep                0.3
    Align                 Block
    AlignPossible         Block, Left
    LabelType             Itemize
  2. In the Latex Preamble, add the following
    \begin{list}{}{\leftmargin=1em \itemindent=-1em}
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