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  1. How can I view math equations?
    • To ensure the correct display of equations, the web browser Firefox or IE 7.0 or above is recommended.
  2. How can I type in math equations?
    • Anything between <jsm?> </jsm?> (inline equation) or <jsmath?> <jsmath?>(no ?) is interpreted as equations. For example, \left(\, \sum_{k=1}^n a_k b_k \right)^{\!\!2} \le

\left(\, \sum_{k=1}^n a_k^2 \right) \left(\, \sum_{k=1}^n b_k^2 \right) is shown as <jsm>\left(\, \sum_{k=1}^n a_k b_k \right)^{\!\!2} \le \left(\, \sum_{k=1}^n a_k^2 \right) \left(\, \sum_{k=1}^n b_k^2 \right)</jsm> for inline formula and <jsmath>\left(\, \sum_{k=1}^n a_k b_k \right)^{\!\!2} \le \left(\, \sum_{k=1}^n a_k^2 \right) \left(\, \sum_{k=1}^n b_k^2 \right)</jsmath> for display formula.

  • For more examples, please go to jsMath.

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